We believe in complete transparency, and would like to make sure everyone is very clear on a few things.

Please note that ALL sales are final. Due to the nature of our products, and custom orders, we do not accept returns or process refunds.

First and foremost, we do NOT recommend Crystals / Gemstones as a substitute for traditional medicinal needs. Should you have a medical need or medical concern or issue, we highly suggest you speaking to a doctor. In no way is any information found on our website, by email, electronically, through social media, verbally, or written, a substitute for consulting a doctor. The information of Crystal / Gemstone healing benefits is NOT a prescription, or substitute for medical advice. 

I personally have done extensive research, reading, and worked with spiritual healers to be aware of the benefits of the stones I use in my business; I personally believe that Crystals / Gemstones have been very complimentary to my healing path, based on my own personal experiences. This does NOT mean that you would have the same experiences, or that it would have the same effects and benefits to others. 

When purchasing an item from Abundance Haven, the properties and benefits of the stones are provided with purchase, and this information is from years of extensive reading, research, and courses. These outlines are guidelines, and do not mean that you will definitely experience the same benefits or affects. 

We order all of our gemstones from a reputable source, that confirms authenticity, that being said, they do offer dyed and man made stones as well, and although I do my best to not purchase any of this type of stone, we may from time to time have man made stones included in our pieces.

By confirming a purchase with Abundance Haven, you are confirming that you understand this disclaimer, that all sales are final, that from time to time a piece may include man made and/or dyed stones, and that you may or may not experience benefits from your purchase other than the benefit of having a beautiful piece to enjoy aesthetically. 


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything else, please reach out to me at