Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Mala?

A Mala is not only a beautiful piece of jewellry, it is also a powerful tool used for meditation and intention setting. Each Mala necklace is made with 108 beads, plus a guru bead, is hand knotted between each bead, and has a hand knotted tassel (or charm).


What do I do with my Mala?

The opportunities are endless.

Malas are traditionally used for mantra meditations, as a tool to remain focused and concentrated on your intention while repeating your mantra. Head over to our blog for a quick intro on "How To Meditate With A Mala".

They also look great to wear! Wearing your mala can also help to keep your intention, mantra, and goals front-of-mind. 


How do I choose the right Mala for me?

The best way to pick your mala, is to let your mala pick you! Which one are you drawn to? 

Other considerations are, what intentions and mantras are you hoping to use your mala for? Which beads are in alignment with those intentions? What are you hoping to heal? Which beads have those healing properties?

If you are unsure of which beads or necklaces might help you with you desired use, I am happy to help walk you through it. Send me an email, and I can help to provide you some more information, or hop on a call to walk you through.


How do I care for my Mala and Tassel?

Think of your Mala as a delicate piece of jewellry, and a tool you wish to have last forever, therefore keeping it safe. Malas should be hung up or laid flat in a safe spot when not being used. It is recommended to not sleep, shower, swim, or exercise with your mala if you would like your mala to last. Be mindful when using or wearing your mala, including when taking it on and off, to ensure it does not catch on anything or stretch. If you tassel does not remain straight from use or storage, you may wet it with a slightly damp cloth and lay flat or hang up to dry - however it is recommended to keep your mala safe and dry to keep its quality.

To keep your tassel from fraying, avoid any mindless playing with the tassel. You may also wish to use beeswax on your tassel to keep it from fraying.


Will I be sent the exact item in the photo?

Sometimes! Each item is made, photographed, uploaded, and sometimes replicated. All our products are mindfully made with hand picked items, and necklaces are hand knotted. With the nature of gemstones being all natural from earth, and each product being hand made, this makes each piece ordered unique. You will receive beads of the same kind, but with natural gemstones, sometimes there are variences in colours, shades, and shapes.


Why should I pick Abundance Haven for my Mala?

This is entirely your choice! However, if you pick Abundance Haven, you are supporting local Canadian talent, in exchange for a quality made product. Each of our malas is mindfully made in Canada, strung and knotted with dual layer of strong nylon cord to prevent any potential breakage or loss of beads, with a matching hand made tassel. All beads have been hand selected, set with intention, and cleansed and charged during a full moon ceremony. 

All necklaces also come with a small pouch to keep your necklace safe during transport, as well as an introduction to meditating and manifesting with your new mala, and information about the beads in your new mala. 

Plus! I do a happy dance each time I see one of your orders, and am very grateful for each one!


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