Gemstone Properties

Amazonite is known as an excellent tool for manifesting as it helps you loosen expectation, let go, and go with the flow. It is also known to be soothing and tranquil, while filtering out stress & reducing anxiety.


The stone of spirituality and meditation. Amethyst is very powerful with a vast range of uses. It is used to tune in spiritually, and protect, while aiding in change of lower energies into higher frequency.


Is known for its powerful abilities to awaken the inner self, while expanding knowledge and inner truth. It is a stone of manifesting, confidence, courage, and self expression. 

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity, for bringing great luck. It is an excellent stone to have for assisting in increasing favor  and  wealth. A perfect stone to include in your manifesting practice.


Aquamarine is known for its strong abilities with calming and clearing the mind, relieving stress & heightening tolerance to cool high tempers and conflict. It can help to heal emotional trauma & bring peace.

Carnelian is known as a stone that creates motivation, and encourages creativity. This stone is great for boosting courage and confidence to motivate for success, while promoting positive life choices.


Cedarwood is wonderful for protection, grounding, and clarity. It also promotes awareness by activating the inner eye and removing blinders, while enhancing connection to heart and mind.

Cherry Quartz is a a strong stone to purify energy; it absorbs negative energy. Great to use for removing stagnant energy if you are feeling stuck, or to give you a bit of a boost when you have no energy.


Citrine is a powerful for healing, cleansing, and motivating. It encourages creativity, enhances concentration, promotes inspiration, enhances self-confidence, while negating the effects of depression and fears.

Clear Quartz is a powerful stone to include in your mala meditations as it is widely known for amplifying energy and intention. This means it also amplifies the surrounding stones.


This stone is known to offer strength, grounding, and protection. It has the ability to boost positive energy, combat fatigue., and remove negative energies / influences, while calming and releasing blockages.


This stone is known for its ability to raise consciousness, and is also very grounding and centering. It is harmonizing of mental, physical and emotional states, balancing energies


Hematite is known as a very protective stone. It is wonderful for releasing stress, aiding in absorbing negative energies in times of worry, while grounding, balancing, and promoting positive vibes.


Howlite is known for reducing stress, and removing any negativity and tensions. Howlite is a great stone to help with patience and assist with encouraging awareness and emotional expression.


India Agate is excellent for balancing, harmonizing, and stabilizing. It cleanses, and calms the body, while relieving stress and negativity. It helps with concentration, being great for meditations.

Jade is known for its abilities to rid negative thoughts and energies, encouraging peace and serenity. A great stone to promote self confidence and strive for goals aiding in self-reliance/self-sufficiency.


Labradorite is known for its amazing aid during change and transformation. Promoting strength and perserverance, while balancing and protecting. A stone that promotes psychic abilities & intuition.


Lapis is known to aid with self expression, inner truth, and self awareness. It enhances intellectual abilities and desire for knowledge, while inspiring ones self confidence & encourages deeper communication.


Moss Agate is known for aiding in abundance, and simulating creativity. It is a very grounding stone, that brings forth strength and courage, as well as helps to stabilize and bring you back to reality.

Onyx is a great addition to all malas as it is known for its ability to transform any negative energy, while preventing your own energy from draining. Onyx encourages strength, stamina, and confidence.


This stone is known for its ability to decrease anxiety, while encouraging stability, security, and contentment. You may find this stone to bring you happiness and relaxation.


This stone is as powerful as it is beautiful. It is known for its ability to assist with auto immune diseases. Rhodonite restores energy, soothes inflammation of the joints, & boosts organs to more effectively purify you.


The universal stone of love. A powerful stone that is known for its healing properties surrounding love, self-love, peace, inner healing, harmony and compassion. Helps to release negativity and toxic energy.


Sandalwood is known as one of the traditional materials used in Buddhist Malas. Aiding in stress release & relaxation, with a peaceful nature. The scent is quite soothing and simulates a sense of awareness.


Smoky quartz helps to rid body and home of negative vibes by neutralizing negative energies. Also a great stone to release mental and spiritual blockages while shedding fear & bringing emotional calmness.


Sodalite is a wonderful stone during times of anxiousness as it known for its healing vibrations that aid in emotional balance, self trust, self esteem, and self acceptance. It is calming & encourages rationality.


Sunstone is a stone of abundance. It is great for luck, and encourages vitality throughout the day. It heightens intuition, brings happiness, helps to release fears, and may bring out passion & excitement.


Tourmaline is known to strongly detoxify, relieve stress, and boost the immune system. It is also great at decreasing nausea, and dispelling pain, with the special ability to generate electric charge.


White Jade is known for its calming abilities. It has the ability to rid negative thoughts and energies, encouraging peace and serenity. A great stone to promote self confidence and strive for goals.


This stone is excellent for stabilizing, calming, and relaxing, making it great for transitions or mood swings. It aids in spiritual communication, and removes energy blockages.

Your new Chakra piece features Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst, with a Clear Quartz anchor to help enhance each of these stones.


Your new gemstone item features lava beads, which can be used to diffuse essential oils, by putting a drop or two onto the beads. Lava beads are also grounding and stabilizing which reduce anxiety.