Meditating And Manifesting With Your New Mala

Meditating And Manifesting With Your New Mala

Meditating And Manifesting With Your New Mala


Whether your new mala is an addition to your current meditation practice, or a new way to introduce meditation into your daily routine, it can be a useful tool to help you work on manifesting your deepest desires.


Enclosed with each purchase of an Abundance Haven Mala, you will find more information about the gemstones your mala is made with. The healing properties of the gemstones your mala is made with is a great starting point to create a mantra made just for you and your mala, that will have the extra power of the gemstones natural healing abilities behind your mantra.


Check our our post about creating your own Mala Mantra here!


Here you will find some guidance to begin your first mala meditation. From this, you will be able to adjust to decide what works best for you.


1. To begin, select a quiet and comfortable spot to sit, ideally somewhere that you will have a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted, time. Once you have sat down, take a minute to focus on your intention for your meditation. If you don't already have a mantra you can check out our post above, but in the meantime let's begin with a simple affirmation mantra
"I am __(confident / happy / healthy / loved / strong / abundant / etc.)__".


2. Now close your eyes, pull your shoulders back, feel your feet on the ground and your bum in your seat, and take several deep breaths in and out slowly. Focusing on your breath, continue to breath in and out until you feel relaxed, centered, grounded, and ready with intention.


3. While holding your mala in your right hand, you will start by holding the bead beside the guru bead (to the right) in between your index finger and thumb, and begin reciting your mantra / intention while feeling the bead between your fingers.


4. You will move the necklace in your hand using your thumb and pulling towards you until you are holding the next bead with your thumb, and you will repeat your mantra / intention again while feeling that bead in between your fingers.


5. You will repeat Step 4 until you have repeated your mantra 108 times, which will have returned you to the beginning of your necklace, before your guru bead.


It is said that you are not to cross the guru bead during your meditation practice.


Optional. If you would like to keep meditating when you have returned to the guru bead, you may return to the previous bead and go back the other way until you reach the guru bead again at the very beginning.


Completing a mantra meditation with your mala will help you set the intention for your mala to be in alignment with your mantra, and now if you wear your mala, it will remain front of mind, and help to be a reminder of your intention and desires.



It may go without saying, however, the power of attraction and attention is undeniable. This is where manifesting your desires comes in. Use a mantra that resonates with you, your desires, your wants, your needs. This could be situational, or to create a new situation or outcome. You might need a less stressful week, or you might want a more fulfilling career. Your meditation is for you, and you alone. Customize your meditation to aid in creating the life YOU want.


As always, message me any time you want to chat about any of this!





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