What Is A Mala Anyway?

What Is A Mala Anyway?

What Is A Mala Anyway?

Malas are more than just beautiful necklaces, they are powerful tools that you can add to your meditation and manifesting practice, and can also be worn as a reminder of your intentions. 

Each mala necklace is composed of 108 beads on a string, that are generally hand knotted between each bead, with a guru bead indicating the beginning and the end of the mala, and depending on the local tradition, ending with either a tassel, or type of charm, hanging below the guru bead. 


Malas are often utilized in meditation to help you concentrate on your intentions, and focus your attention on your meditation mantra, rather than be distracted with the noise in your head, or your surroundings. Although you can meditate and recite your intentions or mantras without a mala, people often use malas as a way to focus on your intention and the power behind your intention, without focusing on counting any repetitions, or having any exterior distractions get in the way. The power of attention and awareness is crucial to attracting and creating situations and outcomes that you desire.


The history of malas is extensive, and most strongly believed to lead back to the Buddhist community in India (Bhuddist Prayer Beads), where the necklaces were hand made and used with prayers. There are various other religions and regions in the world that have similar beads and necklaces (such as the Catholic Rosary), that are often also linked to prayers and meditations. The theories of the significance of 108 are endless, and varies from region to region as well as religion to religion. The meaning that resonates with me (as found in "The Magic Mala") is as follows:

1 signifies the Creator and higher truth,

0 signifies emptiness or the space between our thoughts and breaths,

8 signifies infinity, timelessness, and eternity.

I will let you do your own research to decide what the significance of 108 most resonates with you. 


New to Mala Meditations? Check out this post to get you started.



What about Abundance Haven Malas?

Each Abundance Haven Mala is mindfully made with hand selected genuine gemstones, that are each believed to have their own healing properties. The necklace is strung with a dual layer of strong nylon for extra durability, and each necklace is hand knotted between each bead. Each necklace is cleansed during a full moon ceremony, and set with intention to assist you in manifesting your desires.



I highly suggest the amazing story "The Magic Mala" by Bob Olson, which is a great read, and is very inspirational. This book was originally recommended by my friend Hayley over at I Am Blessed Mala Beads (where I personally purchased my first FIVE Malas), and I couldn't put this book down! It touches on intention, using a mala, your mindset, and how you can attract what you focus on, good or bad.

You can buy “The Magic Mala” through my affiliate link here.



Reach out if you want to chat about any of this! I am always happy to discuss Malas, how they have helped me, and why I love them so much.



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